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Today Cyber Space in India is facing many problems, people are becoming victim of cyber-crime in day to day life, Our Government of India is working rapidly with it to bring keen and powerful solutions in upcoming future but the big revolution is not possible without the help of citizen itself. So it’s time to learn and get Secured, Safe and Stay Protected against the Cyber Theft and Cyber Crime which happen just with the few clicks. This Event is unique in its own way, because here people of every age can attend this Cyber Security Conference and we will aware all the people to take some useful steps to fore come the Cyber Security challenges which is been faced these days. The name “Logout” is chosen because everyone has logged in their account everywhere in phone, in laptop, personal computer, office computer but they aren’t safe anywhere, hence it time to aware them and make everyone ready to logout safely.

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LogOut - Privacy Awarness week

100+ Cities World Wide
1000+ Privacy Camps
To Aware 50,000+ People

LogOut - Privacy Conference

Making a Global Impact
International Privacy Conference
10+ International Speakers

Code for Privacy - Hackathon

50+ Hack-a-thon
150+ Privacy Projects
Making Life More Private

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Our aim is to let people know the secure way of using technology in their daily life and make them realise how sensitive this issue is, cyber-crime is increasing day by day with 107%CAGR in India which is very big matter to be worried of. Today when India is revolutionized in FinTech, Smart City, Smart Grid, Space Technology, Defence System, Telecommunication sector and becoming cashless economy then security is a big concern for Industry so we are bringing speakers from different sector of industry to share experience with us and help every individual, company, start-up to strengthening their security.


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You can Volunteers with us to make this campaign successful with a big impact around the globe, First of all Register yourself by filling up this form https://goo.gl/L4o5sS and will let you know the further details via Mail or call. You can show you expertise in following work.
  • Be a Speaker of the event
  • Organize Events Locally
  • Marketing & Sponsorship
  • Social Media & Public Relations
  • Graphics Design & Documentation
  • Be a Privacy Champion
Logout is a World's Biggest Cyber Awareness Campaign, We are at verge of making a World Record by engaging more than 50,000 people in more than 100 cities word wide to aware them about privacy, cyber crime,  frauds, scam and online security. Benefits of joining the campaign.
  • Become a part of International Event
  • Learn about Cyber Security
  • Get appreciated on National Platform
  • Be a speaker of the event

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